Hydroculture Houseplants


What are hydro plants? 

Hydro houseplants are grown in volcanic granules in a Hydro pot with water meter and water reservoir. Cultivation on volcanic pellets allows more oxygen to reach the roots of the plant. The Hydro pot in combination with the volcanic granules ensures the right ratio of oxygen and water at the roots. This results in healthy and strong plants.

New hydro houseplants 

  • Grown in volcano grains. With this substrate, sufficient oxygen reaches the roots. This ensures a nice balance so that the plants remain strong, healthy, and happy.

  •  Thanks to the handy water meter, you can immediately see when your plant needs water.

  • All our Hydro plants are pre-ordered directly from a specialist nursery. Some of our Hydro plants are for collection only.

  • Feed your Hydro plants with Beautanic Superfood