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Aglaonema first diamond...Take a look at these rarely offered Aglaonema first diamond. These are really special and look great in any interior. The Green and white variegated leaves look similar to a Dieffenbachia which is in the same family as the Aglaonema, but in my experience way easier to care for. Aglaonema or commonly known as the Chinese evergreens are native to the subtropical and tropical regions. Despite this, they are easy to care for.


Care: These diamonds like medium to low light and prefer to be on the dry side, in the warmer months I tend to water my Aglaonema every 7-9 days and every 2/3 weeks in winter. You might need more or less watering so always check your soil beforehand. 


Other information:

Size: Pot Diameter 12cm - Total height is approximately 24-35cm 

Toxicity:  Considered poisonous. Keep out of reach children and animals.

Difficulty: Easy - Just don't over-water :) 

Air-purifying: Yes the Aglaonema family are great air purifiers.

Feeding: General, the majority of houseplants should be fed every 2nd watering during the growing season (Spring and Summer), for me, it's about which every 14 days. In autumn and winter, I feed less, as indoor plants will require fewer nutrients. 


Aglaonema first diamond


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