Anthurium clarinervium! Any plant that has dark green velvet heart-shaped foliage is a must for me. I have wanted to stock these since I started back in November and I have never been able to get hold of them...

Until NOW YAY! I only have a very limited supply so grab one quick boefore I keep them all!


Care: If your looking for an easy plant this is definitely one for you. 

Anthuriums love medium to bright indirect light. Not direct sun as this will burn the leaves. Keep the soil lightly moist during the growing season (March/September) I always let the top layer dry a little before watering.

Providing your Anthurium clarinervium with a good level of humidity can really help them flourish also help stop their tips from going brown and crispy! You can help raise the humidity by misting regularly, placing your plants on a moist pebbles tray also grouping your plants closer together or even a humidifier.


Pot size is 11cm

Total height is approximately cm 41tall. 

Anthurium clarinervium


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