Araucaria heterophylla 'Norfolk Island Pine'...A quirky houseplant that's growing in popularity!  Despite the name, these are not native to Norfolk UK they are native to the Australian Norfolk Islands. Grown in a light mix of mostly little pebbles, which gives excellent drainage which means the pot weight will be more than just soil. *Pre-ordered please allow 2-4 days lead time for delivery.


Care: Provide your pine with lots of bright light and warmth avoiding cool drafts. This one is grown in light mix of mostly pebbles, which means he has excellent drainage. Keep moist but never really wet.   These pines prefer tropical conditions so will enjoy a mist now and then.


Extra information: Large Ø26cm - H90-100cm Approx

Toxicity: Toxic to pets in eaten in large quantities

Difficulty: Easy peasy

Feeding/Watering: In autumn and winter, I feed less, as indoor plants will require fewer nutrients. In the winter months reduce watering until spring/summer depending on the plant

Images: All images are updated regularly and are a realistic representation you what you will receive. However, the colour, leaf shape, pattens and variegation, length with all differ from plant to plant so won't be exact, as all plants are different just like us. You can send us a message via chat if you would like to see what we have in stock, we are more than happy to show you. 

Araucaria heterophylla 'Norfolk Island Pine' Large


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