Begonia maculata "Wightii"...This is one wacky but easy Begonia she is covered in silvery dots with a deep red underbelly. Very easy to look after compared to most Begonia. These are nice a long and full looking.


Care:  These grow really well in bright light but not direct hot sunlight as this will scorch her lovely leaves. Keep the soil moist I give my Begonia maculata a good soak once the first 2 inches of soil dry out. I wouldn't let her dry out completely. 


Other information:

Size: Pot Diameter 12cm - Total height is approximately 30-40cm 

Toxicity:  Considered toxic to humans, harmful to pets Keep out of reach children and animals.

Difficulty: Easy, once you get to know each other

Air-purifying: Yes a great air purifier.

Begonia maculata "Wightii"


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