Birthday Jungle Bundle...


Your birthday bundle will include...


1 x Sansevieria Cylindrical - Very Easy to care for 

1 x Ceramic jungle pot

1x  Personalised message 

1 x Happy Birthday Eco Helium balloon (inflated)


Care: A good tip is to let the top part of the soil dry out before they are ready to be watered again - If the soil looks and feels wet hold back a little longer, the biggest killer in houseplants is overwatering. So you are better to do less if you are not sure until you get the hang of each other. Bright indirect light is best if your office space lacks light another great tip is to move the plants to a brighter position once or twice a week or if you are not about at the weekends placing them on a window seal so they can soak up some raise will do these guys wonders. 


Extra information:

Toxicity: Toxic

Difficulty: Easy peasy

Feeding/Watering: Once to every Two a weeks. In autumn and winter, feed less, as indoor plants will require fewer nutrients also the winter months reduce watering until spring/summer depending on the plant. If you're not, sure send us a message. 

Images: All images are updated regularly and are a realistic representation you what you will receive. However, the colour, leaf shape, pattens and variegation, the length will all differ from plant to plant so won't be exact, as all plants are different just like us. You can send us a message via chat if you would like to see what we have in stock, we are more than happy to show you. 

Birthday Jungle Bundle


"Perfectly packed houseplants, straight to your door"