Ctenanthe golden mosaic...This Ctenanthe has marvellous golden variegated foliage It's leaf surfaces are dramatically speckled or mottled in creamy white or creamy lime and dark green. Really is a stunning houseplant!  Nice and full looking Pot size is 19cm plant height including pot is approximately 70-85cm tall.


Care: With the right care these can be easy they will do best in bright light indoors or filtered sunlight to semi-shade. Never leave them in direct sunlight that will bleach or scorch their leaves. Keep soil moist but never water-logged, so always check the soil before watering.  Avoid drafts and low temperatures. Like most houseplant humidity is important. You could fill a saucer/tray with clay pebbles and add water make sure the bottom of the pot isn’t submerged in water. This should stop the leaves edges turning brown also misting a few times a week will also help.

Pot size is 19cm plant height including pot is approximately 70-85cm tall.

Ctenanthe golden mosaic


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