Epiphyllum chrysocardium...Selenicereus chrysocardium.  This shade-loving Epiphytic is from the southern jungles of Mexico. They thrive in shade making them an excellent houseplant. Rarely offered limited stock. Some tips maybe a liitle brusied 


Care: Epiphyllum chrysocardium grows really well in the shade if you place him somewhere where he will get the morning sun, he will love you forever! Too much sun will make its leaves turn yellow. Don’t be too enthusiastic with the water – he is a cactus after all...Water weekly in summer and very little in the winter. Always wait until the soil has dried out completely before watering again.


Other information:

Size: Pot Diameter 8.5cm - 

Toxicity: This plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Difficulty: Medium 

Feeding: General, the majority of houseplants should be fed every 2nd watering during the growing season (Spring and Summer), for me, it's about which every 14 days. In autumn and winter, I feed less, as indoor plants will require fewer nutrients. 

Epiphyllum chrysocardium


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