Epipremnum marble Queen Hanging pot - This is one of our favorites here at the Jungle and this Queen is no diva. Very easy to care infacted, she's not fussy at all so perfect for beginners! You can hang her in any spot or you could even un-clip the hooks and pop her in a lovely ceramic pot. Either way, she's a gorgeous plant to keep. All our plants arrive gift-wrapped


Care: Partial shade/bright indirect light these work very well in low light homes and offices. Water once the top 2 inches of soil dry's out. told you easy peasy ;) 



Extra information:

Size: Pot Diameter 15cm - Total length is approximately 40cm 

Toxicity: Toxic to pets and humans

Difficulty: Easy peasy

Feeding/Watering: Once to every Two a weeks. In autumn and winter, feed less, as indoor plants will require fewer nutrients also the winter months reduce watering until spring/summer depending on the plant. If you're not, sure send us a message. 

Images: All images are updated regularly and are a realistic representation you what you will receive. However, the colour, leaf shape, pattens and variegation, the length will all differ from plant to plant so won't be exact, as all plants are different just like us. You can send us a message via chat if you would like to see what we have in stock, we are more than happy to show you. 


Epipremnum marble Queen - Hanging Pot


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