Peperomia metallica -  Peperomia repii These are just awesome I only have very limited stock as they are not easy to come as not widely grown. so grab them quick! 


The metallic leaves are dark green almost black with a silver greenish streak down the centre the underbelly is a beautiful deep red colour. To me, this looks like a dragons eye, not that I have even seen a dragon eys but this rare Peperomia is truly magical!


They like moderate light conditions and will also tolerate shade I would avoid direct sunlight. Water once the soil is dry like most Peperomia they do not like to be over watered. I keep my Peperomia like all my houseplant of a pebble tray to help raise the moisture levels I also mist regularly too. These come in a 9cm pot and are pretty bushy!


Pot size 11cm 20cm

Peperomia metallica


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