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Philodendron hastatum - Silver Sword A rarely offered and unusual Philodendron with silver/green metallic-looking foliage as the plant mature the leave will look a bit like a sword. 



Care: A bright position would be ideal, but she will also tolerate low light. Keep the soil moist. When I water my plants I always check the soil first by sticking my finger about 3 cm down to check if it still feels damp I also tend to look underneath the plant at the drainage holes and if the soil is damp I hold off until next time. I generally feed all my plants once a month or weakly weekly. 


Providing your plants with a good level of humidity can really help them flourish also help stop their tips from going brown and crispy! You can help raise the humidity by misting regularly, placing your plants on a moist pebbles tray also grouping your plants closer together or even a humidifier.


Pot size is 12cm 

The total height is approximately cm tall 40cm

Philodendron hastatum

  • If you feel you would like to return your plants please contact me by emailing me within 5 days of receiving your plant. Please state your reason and with pictures of your plant. It's best to keep all the packing as I will only accept returns in the same boxes if I feel the plant needs to be returned to me you are responsible for the cost of delivery. 


    Whilst all due care is taken to ensure your order arrives to you in tip-top shape, The Ginger Jungle will not be held responsible for items damaged during transit lost or stolen once left.


    All sales are final. I do not accept returns for change of mind

    Returns and refunds will not be accepted for items damaged during transit.

    The Ginger Jungle will not be held responsible for the health of plants that enter your care if you have any question about your plants when they arrive please contact me. 

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