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The Philodendron plowmanii..."Specimen A" Coming soon on The Ginger Jungle next rare plant launch! Date to be announced shortly, subscribe for stock alerts and news updates.


The Philodendron Plowmanii has the most amazing heart shaper leave with silver streaks. The petioles possess an ornate ruffled wavy edge the stalks are a reddish and green rhubarb colour with very subtle white streaks. 


Care: This is a creeper, not a climber this will grow well in bright indirect light not full sun, also will suite partial shade. Keep the soil moist at all times but not soggy. I've been watering about once a week letting the soil dry's a little. I have them in a clear both so I don't over water. Personally, I wouldn't re-pot yet as she seems pretty happy, but if you decide to I would let them adapt to their new environment first. Then pot in a wider pot given the stem more room to creep, you will need to use a free draining soil mix. If you need advice on a good soil mix let me know. Providing your Philodendron with a good level of humidity can really help them flourish also help stop their tips from going brown and crispy! You can help raise the humidity placing your plants on a moist pebbles tray also grouping your plants closer together or even a humidifier.

Pot size is 18cm

The total height is approximately 60cm tall

Biggest leaf is H 32cm W 23cm



Philodendron plowmanii

  • Your plant will be wrapped like a present!

    Before leaving all plants are inspected watered and pruned if necessary. Your new plant is then bagged to keep the soil moist and to ensure that the soil stays in the pot. The rest of the plants will be carefully wrapped kraft paper then surrounded in cushioned paper or biodegradable peanuts. Once all snug it's placed in a special design holder that will keep your plants secure with more cushioning if needed. You plant is place upright not on its side then placed in it well-marked box. Take a look at my shipping process 




    Parcels containing plants are only shipped Mondays and Tuesdays mornings ONLY. Any orders containing plants placed after 12:30 pm on Tuesdays will be shipped the following Monday. This is to limit travel times over the weekends and to prevent loss of stock and to make sure your plant arrives in the best condition.


    If you are ordering more that one plant in most cases these will be safely shipped together in the same box however if this is not possible I will send them to you separately. 

    Outside the UK

    NOTICE: If the weather is too cold I would reconsider ordering at the colder time of the year if outside of the UK I will soon be getting heat pack to ensure your plant gets to you in the best condition possible any questions please message me. 


    Your plant should arrive within 1-4 business days of being posted or couriered.


    For other E.U countries, this can take from 5-7 days. These times may be a little longer for customers in rural or semi-rural areas. If you have any question about your order please contact me.

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