Philodendron 'Prince of Orange' This hybrid has attractive colourful foliage as the plant matures large glossy leathery leaves which emerge from the centre of the plant as a bright coppery orange colour as the plant matures the leave will turn to a gorgeous colour. Slow to grow but very rewarding. Very rarely offered I only have one instock which is the one pictured, you will see it has some slight leaf damage due to his age! Very well established awesome Aroid!


Care: I would provide this Prince with bright indirect/medium light,  The morning sun will be fine but not hot direct sunlight. Water once the top 2-3cm of soil dries out his pot in deep so watch out for overwatering! You can mist every other day or place him near a humidifier or on a moist pebble tray 


Other information:

Size: Pot Diameter 19cm - Total height is approximately 35cm 

Toxicity: Toxic to pets and humans

Difficulty: Medium 

Feeding: General, the majority of houseplants should be fed every 2nd watering during the growing season (Spring and Summer), for me, it's about which every 14 days. In autumn and winter, I feed less, as indoor plants will require fewer nutrients.

Philodendron prince of orange


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