Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa "red coral Cactus"...This is a wicked cactus I have even kept on for myself...Shhh! An easiest epiphytic cacti and tolerates neglect but he definitely deserves allot of love and care. 


Care: The more sun she gets the more deep violet-red she will turn. (a bit like me) In the right conditions, she will produce lots of greenish-white flowers followed by small mistletoe-like fruits lining both edges of the ribbon stems! Pretty crazy. I would suggest a spot where he will receive bright light to partial shade but not boiling hot sun, perfect on a windowsill. She will like a good drink in the summer months (more than other cacti), but allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. These cacti won't want a normal cactus soil but will prefer to be in a soil largely composed of organic material, a soil that would normally be used for orchids, bromeliads or other epiphytic plants would work well. But she won't need re-potting for a very long time. 


Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa red coral Cactus


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