The Xanthosoma lindenii...Those leaves!! If you are really into houseplants or just starting to 'plant up your home' this unique houseplant is a must-have! Most commonly known as the ‘Angel Wing’ or Caladium Lindenii. The leaves are just striking with the purest white veins. The outstanding petioles (stalk) stretch out which are covered in fuzzy brown hairs. Aw!  


Care: Caladium Lindenii will perform best when placed in a spot that has bright indirect light turn her regularly to stop her getting too leggy. Keep the soil moist. I find these grow really, well when place on a moist pebble tray. The roots will start to grow down toward the moisture also raising her humidity. Don't forget to check weekly for bugs looking under leaves and checking the soil. It's always good practice to wipe the leaves on both sides, this will help them keep dust-free which will benefit your air quality in your home or office. 

Xanthosoma lindenii


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