Zamioculcas zamiifolia...Also, know as the ZZ plant! You can do a quick google and find lots of misleading information about these easy plants. It is regularly believed the ZZ plant is found in the desert and will thrive in low light conditions with little water, this isn't actually accurate. 

The ZZ plant is neither a fern or palm it is surprising in the same plant family as the genus Philodendron. The ZZ plant can be found growing in the East and subtropical forests in Africa rather than the hot desert. 


Care: The Zamioculcas zamiifolia will grow well in bright light, so placed her near a window or where she can see the sky. Water once the soil starts to dry out. When I water my plants I always check the soil first by poking my finger about 3cm down into the soil if the soil feels wet I would hold off. 


Other information:

Size: Pot Diameter 6cm - Total height is approximate 20cm 

Toxicity: Toxic to pets and humans, the sap is toxic so keep out of reach from little and furry legs! 

Difficulty: Easy - More easy indoor plants

Air-purifying: Yes

Feeding: General, the majority of houseplants should be fed every 2nd watering during the growing season (Spring and Summer), for me, it's about which every 14 days. In autumn and winter, I feed less, as indoor plants will require fewer nutrients. 

Zamioculcas zamiifolia


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