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As allot of my loyal customers know here at The Ginger Jungle I pride myself on providing you guys with top quality plants and will continue to do so.

I wanted you to know what I am doing to ensure yours and my safety during these very challenging times ahead.

A little bit about me

I run The Ginger Jungle from my home purely by myself, I don't have staff and since 15th March I have been following the Government advice and have chosen to self isolate myself to reduce the risk of catching or spreading Covid 19...I live alone in a very small peaceful village in the South downs national park. I am healthy and have not been in contact with people who have coronavirus symptoms (that I know of).

All these points place me in a good position to continue providing my fantastic service as safely as possible and I want you to know I am doing everything I can to keep supplying you with great plants.

Below are the extra measures I have put in place so The Ginger Jungle remains a safe environment.

The Ginger Jungle extra cleaning precautions

  • I will and I'm washing my hands regularly using Alcohol Hand Sanitiser and soap

  • I will be wearing new surgical gloves when cleaning and handling your plants. These will be changed regularly.

  • As always your plants will be cleaned as an extra precaution I will wipe each pot with Hibiscrub, this is a hospital-strength antimicrobial skin cleanser this is a proven antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfectant that is effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses.

  • When packing I will put a fresh pair of surgical gloves on and continue to keep very high hygiene habits

  • All surfaces will be cleaned with antibacterial spray and bleach.

Collecting stock

  • I personally collect my stock from a large ventilated warehouse, I very rarely come in contact with people anyway as normally collect very early (4 am) I will ensure I will take extra effort to keep the recommended distance.

  • I will be wearing surgical gloves and mask when collecting

  • I will pre-pay to avoid unnecessary contact

  • I will change my surgical gloves when loading up and use alcohol hand sanitiser as an extra precaution.

  • Once home your plants will be check and cleaned (they actually get clean twice before they arrive at my customers)


In the very unlikely event, you need to return your plant I can arrange Parcelforce to collect from you at home all you will need to do is print off the label which will be emailed to you and leave the parcel on your doorstep. This completely avoids contact keeping you safe at home.

I hope these precautions provide you with peace of mind you and your family’s health are of the most importance, so feel to message me any time via my chat-box on my website if you have any further questions for me.


It goes without saying that the next few months will be very difficult for everyone and small business like me will be facing one of the challenges time our lives. So please continue to support, share and love however you can. Remember you are not alone the plant community is one of the best, full of great loving people and we all need to do our best to stay connected. Keep safe and stay supportive with one another.

Love Luv Suzanne aka The Ginger Jungle

Updated: Jan 31

Here's a little bit about me

Hey, I’m Suzanne, and I am the owner of The Ginger Jungle...And I’m totally obsessed with houseplants!

I independently set The Ginger Jungle in 2018 in a sleepy Sussex village after struggling to find the next plant on my very long list (and still is lol) So I took the brave leap and here I am over a year on and I'm proudly going strong.

So like me, if you’ve ever wondered: Where can I find the unique plant's that actually look like the one pictured, arriving in fab condition, all perfectly packed? You’re in the right place...

And I am obsessively passionate about it too! Don't just take my word for it check out my many testimonials

This is me

It's been just over three months now since I launched The Ginger Jungle, so I thought I would try and do a little update on my little business venture so far...

To start with I must say I've been pretty overwhelmed on the fantastic feedback and support that I've had from everyone so far which says to me I'm obviously on the right track. And I am super thankful for all the sales that I have had considering the time of the year. I've had to restock 4 times so far and I have managed to get some great stock in.

My favourite so far has to be the Alocasia cuprea I waited for about 6 weeks before these came back in stock and they sold out in super quick! I am not surprised as they are gorgeous you can see for yourself.

Another popular houseplant was the Epipremnum happy leaf. This beauty was discovered a couple of years ago as a mutation and has now been developed as a new kind. I will definitely be offering these as much as I can.

So, so far everything seems to be going great, the hardest thing is juggling two business (for thous who might not know my main job is a canine behaviourist/dog trainer) running one very busy business is hard work let alone two. So I'm and making sure that I can give enough time to both plus look after my jungle! It's a little daunting but I'm so happy I took the plunge and started The Ginger Jungle. This has also made me appreciate my dog training business more, after 12 years it's easy to get tired and I suppose I forgot why I started in the first place it's easy to lose that when you get caught up in "life" So it's funny how starting the ginger jungle has helped me grow more in other areas of my life.

Anyway peace out :)

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