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Corporate Office Plants - Sussex - Surrey - London

Transform your office into a vibrant oasis! Whether we're teaming up with your designers or you're going solo, our plant solutions fit every style and budget. Buy directly for an easy green upgrade, and keep the good vibes with our plant maintenance service!

How we work - Pick from two easy options

Option One

Design Consultations/Installations

Choose our in-person consultation where our expert plant consultant helps you select the perfect plants for your spaces. We can work closely with interior designers and architects to create custom designs or we can work together. Need help with installation? We're on it! Planting and potting services available upon request. Option one is tailored for budgets above £1000.


Our visits start from one hour, but this may vary depending on your plant preferences. Consultations/Installations (£55/ph)

Option Two

Direct Purchase

Prefer a hands-on green experience? Skip the design service and dive into our plant catalog! We've got a treasure trove of indoor plants perfectly suited for your office or hotel. Take your pick from our fantastic collection, and we'll deliver them straight to your door. Just keep in mind, delivery fees apply based on the number of plants and your destination.


Orders start at a minimum of £100, and you're on your way to a greener space!

Proudly partnering with numerous businesses across Sussex and London From design and installation to maintenance.

Office plants are not just decorations; they are productivity-boosting superheroes. By introducing these green wonders into your office, you create a fresh and invigorating environment that inspires creativity and focus. Say goodbye to sterile and uninspiring surroundings and hello to a vibrant oasis of growth and inspiration.

From towering palms to cascading vines, there's an office plant for every corner and space. They bring life to barren desks, empty corners, and dull meeting rooms, transforming them into lively and inviting areas that breathe with positive energy.

Free Standing Plants are the ultimate game-changer, effortlessly breathing life into your office without breaking the bank.

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