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Tailored Plant Solutions for Retail Shops and Small Businesses

Sprinkle some green magic in your retail wonderland or small business paradise! If you're on the hunt for the perfect plants, you're in the right spot. Whether we're dancing with your interior designers or doing a solo green jig, our plant solutions are here to jazz up your space. Feeling spontaneous? Dive into a seamless green experience by snagging some leafy goodness directly from us. And guess what? Our plant maintenance service is the secret sauce to keeping your green buddies happy and healthy!

How we work - Pick from two easy options

Option One

Design Consultations/Installations

Choose our in-person consultation where our expert plant consultant helps you select the perfect plants for your spaces. Need help with installation? We're on it! Planting and potting services available upon request, tailored for budgets above £1000. Our visits start from one hour, but this may vary depending on your plant preferences.

Consultations/Installations (£55/ph)

Option Two

Direct Purchase

Prefer a hands-on approach? No worries! Browse through our extensive indoor plant catalog and pick the ones that resonate with your space. Skip the design service and purchase directly from us! Perfect for small business!

We'll deliver your chosen plants to your doorstep, though delivery fees may vary based on the number of plants and delivery location.

Minimum order value starts from £100.

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Proudly partnering with numerous businesses across Sussex and London
From design and installation to maintenance.

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