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Hey there plant enthusiasts!

Let me introduce you to The Ginger Jungle – your go-to source for fabulous indoor plants for businesses like coffee shops, stores, and offices!

Our green adventure began in 2017, when our founder Suzanne, a plant lover extraordinaire, decided it was time to spread the leafy love far and wide.


With a sprinkle of personal flair and some fantastic ideas, she nurtured her own plant paradise, and voilà! The Ginger Jungle sprouted to life in 2018!

Starting from a humble kitchen table, we've grown into a bloomin' business, now delivering all sorts of fantastic foliage to businesses across Sussex and London! Our base camp? The vibrant city of Brighton in West Sussex!

So, whether you're looking to add some green charm to your cafe, shop, or office space, The Ginger Jungle is here to bring the green magic to your doorstep!


Let's grow together! 🌱🌈

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