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If you have found yourself on this page I would personally like to say...Hello! I'm Suzanne the founder of this little shop. You can probably tell why I named this shop The Ginger Jungle now! With my Ginger hair and the love of plants, I couldn't have picked a more personal name. I've been collecting plants for many years before the GJ I ran a dog training company training puppies and naughty owners, I mean dogs ;) across Sussex. After 13 years, I decided to take a big scary leap and establish The Ginger Jungle in 2018. Learning as I go along on this roller coaster journey. It's always been important to me to keep the heart of The Ginger Jungle personal. I take so my pride in what I do and it's always my utmost goal to provide beautiful plants. I hope you get to enjoy them with me and thank you so much for all your support.  

Love Suzanne x 

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Our Roots

The Ginger Jungle’s seed was first sown back in 2017 with the main goal being to provide a wider range of houseplants that arrived perfectly packed at your doorstep. The company was founded by keen plant collector, Suzanne, who decided it was time to put her passion for plants into practice. So with a splash of her own personal values and ideas, she set up her very own plant company which blossomed in 2018.


From a kitchen table to a garden shed - The Ginger Jungle is now a small humble team and operates from a beautiful unit in West Sussex.

No matter what stage you are at in your plant journey, The Ginger Jungle is here to support you. From, “All I do is kill plants” to “All I do is think about plants”, we will be your virtual plant shop guiding you every step of the way.


We hope you will come and join our growing and thriving community - if you would like to read more of our story visit our blog...Read more here



We only want you to receive what we’d hope to receive ourselves which is why the plants we pick are chosen through our own enthusiasm for all things leafy. Before they reach you they are housed properly, watered, cleaned and pruned as if they were our own. This care is extended to prepping them for the journey ahead as they make their way towards you. We take great pride in our packaging as proven in the testimonials given by many happy customers.



As advocates for the colour green (of course), we would like to encourage the natural growth of our planet, and not have any contribution to even the smallest carbon footprint - that’s why we’re working towards being a genuinely sustainable business. Currently, all of our packaging is recyclable or reusable and in the near future, we aspire to discontinue any non-recyclables at HQ as well.

Customer Care

Having all come from customer service backgrounds, we know that you are our main attribute to growth. Loyalty should be shared both ways and maintaining this attitude means being attentive, patient & understanding. These qualities are what makes our working environment a fun and wonderful place to be and we hope to convey this experience across to you. This mentality is not only shared with you and the rest of the team but also with suppliers, delivery drivers, neighbours and all humans alike - being kind is part of our ethos!

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