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My fantastic houseplant journey...

It's been just over three months now since I launched The Ginger Jungle, so I thought I would try and do a little update on my little business venture so far...

To start with I must say I've been pretty overwhelmed on the fantastic feedback and support that I've had from everyone so far which says to me I'm obviously on the right track. And I am super thankful for all the sales that I have had considering the time of the year. I've had to restock 4 times so far and I have managed to get some great stock in.

My favourite so far has to be the Alocasia cuprea I waited for about 6 weeks before these came back in stock and they sold out in super quick! I am not surprised as they are gorgeous you can see for yourself.

Another popular houseplant was the Epipremnum happy leaf. This beauty was discovered a couple of years ago as a mutation and has now been developed as a new kind. I will definitely be offering these as much as I can.

So, so far everything seems to be going great, the hardest thing is juggling two business (for thous who might not know my main job is a canine behaviourist/dog trainer) running one very busy business is hard work let alone two. So I'm and making sure that I can give enough time to both plus look after my jungle! It's a little daunting but I'm so happy I took the plunge and started The Ginger Jungle. This has also made me appreciate my dog training business more, after 12 years it's easy to get tired and I suppose I forgot why I started in the first place it's easy to lose that when you get caught up in "life" So it's funny how starting the ginger jungle has helped me grow more in other areas of my life.

Anyway peace out :)

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