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The Ginger Jungle Ethos

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Our Growing Ideals

Starting any business venture that stems from a love of the product itself is a gratifying drive like no other. The Ginger Jungle’s seed was first sown after I realised I owned every plant there was to buy from my local garden centres! I then explored many online sellers, only to be largely disappointed by the condition most plants arrived in. As a result, I decided it was time to put my passion into practice and convert my personal values into my very own houseplant company.

Now here we are two years later, establishing a small united team and moving to our new jungle premises - The Ginger Jungle is blossoming! In spite of our expansion, I am determined to maintain the original goals I set out with by integrating these beliefs into our strong ethos. Now as a team of three, we are proud to uphold these main objectives...


We only want you to receive what we’d hope to receive ourselves. The plants we pick are chosen through our own enthusiasm (for all things leafy), and before they reach you they are housed properly, watered, cleaned and pruned as if they were our own. This care is extended as we prep the plants carefully for the journeys they make towards you. We take great pride in our packaging, as proven in the testimonials given by many happy customers.


As advocates for the colour green (of course), we would like to encourage the natural growth of our planet, and not have any contribution to even the smallest carbon footprint. We are working towards being a genuinely sustainable business which is why all of our packaging is recyclable or reusable. In the near future we aspire to discontinue any non recyclables at HQ as well.

Customer service

Having all come from customer service backgrounds, we know that you are our main attribute to growth. Loyalty should be shared both ways and maintaining this attitude means being attentive, patient & understanding. These qualities are what makes our working environment a fun and wonderful place to be and we hope to convey this experience across to you. This mentality is not only shared with you and the rest of the team but also with suppliers, delivery drivers, neighbours and all humans alike - being kind is part of our ethos!

Community/Inspiring Small Businesses

We are advocates of our small community and surrounding Sussex areas. To connect means to share and where there is passion, there’s always a story. Exchanging the tales between other local entrepreneurs has created a business support bubble like no other.

This micro-community helps to aid: individual growth where needed, creative positivity, collaborative ventures, and provides a shoulder to cry on during the global pandemic. There is no better demonstration of our identity than the narrative of people who make up our community.

If The Ginger Jungle can start operating from a garden shed, what are you capable of achieving?

We'd love to hear your start up stories! email us at

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