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Your Personal Plant Shop

It's crazy to think just 10 months ago I was running the GJ from my garden shed and just under two years ago from a tiny spare bedroom! I still find this mind-boggling. But, It's been the best (and the scariest) roller coaster ride I have ever been on and I can't wait to share the next ride with you guys!

Our brand new Jungle

We have just moved for the 5th and hopefully final time, as some of you may know we moved from my home in Sussex up to a new premise in London back March 2021. We're still in the same warehouse but had a new unit built from scratch - it's just lovely, self-contained, I even have my own office and feel very grown up. (lol)

The plant room which I've called, The warm room sits comfortably at 21 c and around 80% humidity walking in is like a breath of fresh air...And the plants are loving it!

I have added some new fancy LED grow lights to each shelf plus some T5 fluorescent LED lights on the high ceiling. This means we can provide the best environment for your plants until they reach their new homes. I can already see a big difference compared to our old unit (not forgot the shed!)

The packing area has two packing benches with everything easy to reach which has made packing your plants a lot more comfortable. I picked the astroturf flooring as I wanted to bring the outside inside and of course, we love the colour green!

Plants are personal!

From the very first day I decide to jump in the deep end and start The Ginger Jungle it's always been my mission to create a personal online experience. It's not just about selling plants - To me, plants are more than just objects...

They become your home - bringing your space to life, a healthy addiction that gives you that much need 'me-time and I know from my own experience and for many others a even lifeline!

Plants are personal and it's always been important to carry this message throughout this journey and I am so proud to finally have a space for our customers to come and enjoy, learn, and connect with.

Come and give us a visit!

We are open Monday's - Friday's via appointment and soon will be holding open days, every other Saturday. You can come and collect your order or come and have a browse and a cup of tea and a chat! You will get in-store discounts and can take advantage of our rescue plant section.

Take a peak at our new place

Our Journey snap shots

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