I can't tell you how many times I have sat down and begin to write an update on the past few months...nearly a year later I'm trying again!

I am going to write pretty openly in the hope that it can give anyone a little bit of courage or belief to keep going especially for people who want to take the leap and set up their own business or are generally having a really shitty time!

In November 2019 The Ginger Jungle made it to her first year (yay) and oh boy what a year that was! Full of some real epic highs and on a personal level the toughest year of my life. I am SOOOO excited about what I have planned for 2020 and the future of the GJ but before I share that I want to go back a few steps...

Back in the day...

I'm not trained in any type of business studies nor was my schooling very good..... I failed all my GCSE's, badly bullied and really struggled academically! Being dyslexic didn't help and I was told countless times by my teachers that I wouldn't count for much...(sound familiar?)

Even though this wasn't great at the time I sincerely do believe this is where my determination and fire comes from. Now I call my dyslexia my superpower as it allows me and many others alike to see things in different and amazing ways. (yes, I still get my left and right muddled and frustratingly I can't pronounce most of the botanical names but hey ho) It's only now in my 30's that I acknowledge this, it's taken me a long time to overcome such negativity and self-doubt, and although it still affects me, I think it always will, but watching The Ginger Jungle grow has given me a real taste of self-achievement and my self-confidence is slowly blooming.

At this point, it was halfway through Summer 2019 and approaching my second rare plant launch. The feedback from the plant community was excellent and business was going well enough for me to start cutting back on my other business as a dog trainer. My goal was to stop the dog training in August and just focus on The Ginger Jungle, in the hope to move my little business out of my then home. I couldn't wait as I was working 14 hour days between both the dogs and the plants. My hard work started to feel like it was paying off and I was ecstatic to be able to focus on the GJ. Then August arrives and a bombshell hits, my x partner of 14 years suddenly tells me it's over! Walking away from my then life was really hard and anyone that has had to deal with heartbreak will understand the pain and grief you have to go through. I had to put The Ginger Jungle back on hold and continue working with my doggies in order to maintain an income. The next few months honestly were a blur I have no idea how I continued to run two business in the state of mind I was in, luckily the realisation came quickly that I was better off without him... Lizzo "good as hell" springs to mind lol

I am so grateful for the support during that time and having you guys there unknowingly keeping me going was a real blessing! I was umming and ahhing about writing any of this but it's all apart of my ginger jungle journey and it's why things have taken a little longer, but also brings me closer to my next chapter...

2020 New year welcomes a new me...oh and a world pandemic...

Well, we all weren't expecting this where we! I never in my life thought I would have to write up a pandemic plan, then close down two businesses and I still don't know what day it is! Jokes aside since March is been crazy and I am thankful I was able to start the shop back up again, not many of you know that I have been running the ginger jungle out of my little flat in Fulking (yes this is actually a place) I am currently having to pack all your orders outside or in my little shed. The business is now growing so much, bringing me onto my next bit of exciting news eeeek!

Big news...

Next month I am finally moving The Ginger Jungle out of my home into a business premises, nearly a year behind schedule! which is currently having a bit of a makeover and I can't tell you how excited I am! It's a beautiful space not far from my home. I also have Three new team members joining me this week! Ashlee (Smashly) Kara and Hayley! This means I will have the time and space to find more plant varieties, cut down mine and the customer's costs, collaborate with other local businesses, make connections with like-minded people and push the Ginger forward in life.

I can't thank you all enough for making this all possible and I can't wait to share my next part of my journey with you.

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I would say with all the things happening in the world at the moment, we are all in need of a mood boost. It's been an over 40 days now that I have been in self-isolation, and after stopping the shop briefly and having to completely stop my other business. And in all honesty, I can stay thank F*** for my plants! lol

Like many of us that are flying through life, I suddenly had no alternative to slow down and through all this chaos and sorrow I found calmness again in my plants...These recent events reminded me actually, why I started collecting houseplant in the first place, and what a tremendous, healthy impact they have on my mental health especially at troubling times.

Your environment affects your health too, so adding more greenery to your home, especially with all this extra time we are having to spend indoors will only boost your mood. Houseplants are just the best for this!...they are quietly working their magic in the background which makes a huge difference to your mood, stress levels and even sleep! 

Here are my personal favourite easy peasy houseplants that will lift your mood...

Hoya carnosa tricolour

First on my list, in not particularly ordered, is the very easy Hoya tricolour.

I love all hoya's but for me, this one stands out the most. Allot of planty peeps will grow hoya's for their sweet-smelling very attractive flowers, I personally just prefer the foliage especially on the tricolour as she looks fabulous all year round...

All hoyas have luxurious waxy foliage this is where the common name arises from "wax plant". The hoya tricolour has three main colours (tricolour) from green, creamy yellow and reddish/pink.

I have my Hoya tricolour on a windowsill west-facing and she gets about 9 hours of bright light. Like, allot of variegated plants the right light is an important factor in keeping the colour strong, they will also grow well in low light environments, but if you have a spare spot in your home that receives a good amount of light this is where I would place her, especially if you want her to bloom. Her watering needs are easy to I only water once the soil dries out, as she has thick waxy leave they will lock in the water for longer so perfect if you like me you get a little forgetful sometimes.

Origin: Native to Eastern Asia and Australia

Family: Apocynaceae also know as the commonly known as the dogbane family

Genus: Hoya

Species: H. carnosa

Toxicity: These are poisonous to pets so keep them up high away from pets and small hands

Hoya carnosa variegated ‘tricolor’

Philodendron Royal Queen 'new red'

If I could include the whole philodendron genus I would as I love them all! I decided to pick the Philodendron royal queen New Red. She a fairly new hybrid cultivar of a few different Philodendron species. 

This queen is no diva she is so so easy and grows most elegantly. She also has a dark side so if you like dark houseplants this queen is for you. Her leaves are almost black, deep dark red in normal light, her twisty deep red stems creep upwards...

The Philodendron new red is a very low maintenance houseplant to attend to, water once the top 3inches of soil has dried out place her in a spot that gets medium light and she will be one happy Queen.

Family: Araceae

Genus:  Philodendron

Species: P. royal queen new red

Toxicity: These are poisonous to pets so keep them up high away from pets and small hands

The Philodendron Royal Queen new red

Aglomeana maria

I have chosen the Aglomeana maria as she was my first ever Aglomeana since then I was hooked of this species. These are spectacular to look at and soooo easy to grow, so perfect for beginners. The Aglomeana maria will thrive in low light conditions and will handle a little neglect and still look great. (The more brightly colourful Aglomeana will require more light.) I tend to let the soil dry out slightly with this Aglomeana epically in the winter months, now it's getting warmer I will go back and water about every two weeks. This works well for me but maybe slightly different in your household environment.

Origin: Tropics, subtropics of Asia and New Guinea

Family: Araceae

Genus:  Philodendron

Species: P. royal queen new red

Toxicity: These are poisonous to pets so keep them up high away from pets and small hands

Aglaonema maria

Epipremnum marble queen

Out of all the variegated plants out there I feel this one gets left forgotten about. Personally, I think the Epipremnum marble queen foliage is one one the nicest trailing variegated indoor plants you can have in your home without breaking your bank balance! Another easy Queen that will always look stunning. She will live quite happily in low light conditions like all Epipremnum, again water once the soil drys out and she will be a happy Queen. 

Origin:    Epipremnum can be found in tropical forests from China, the Himalayas, and south-east Asia to Australia and the western Pacific 

Family: Araceae

Genus:  Epipremnum

Species: E. marble Queen

Toxicity: These are poisonous to pets so keep them up high away from pets and small hands

Epipremnum marble queen

Ceropegia woodii String of hearts

The string of heart is a hanging succulent and the final one on my mood-boosting houseplant list and what better way to finish. This charming houseplant is a delight to own. I would say they are easy as long as you don't overwater them they require excellent drainage and should be watered only when completely dry, and should never stand in the water they will root so fast, believe me. (I've accidentally killed a few buy overwatering)This string of hearts will appreciate bright, indirect sunlight, but she can do well in a low light setting too. 

Origin: South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. 

Family: Apocynaceae


Species: C. woodii

Toxicity: Yay these are pets safe and child friendly 

The Ceropegia Woodii variegated

Thank you for reading...oh and I excuse any spelling errors...I am delightfully dyslexic :)

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As allot of my loyal customers know here at The Ginger Jungle I pride myself on providing you guys with top quality plants and will continue to do so.

I wanted you to know what I am doing to ensure yours and my safety during these very challenging times ahead.

A little bit about me

I run The Ginger Jungle from my home purely by myself, I don't have staff and since 15th March I have been following the Government advice and have chosen to self isolate myself to reduce the risk of catching or spreading Covid 19...I live alone in a very small peaceful village in the South downs national park. I am healthy and have not been in contact with people who have coronavirus symptoms (that I know of).

All these points place me in a good position to continue providing my fantastic service as safely as possible and I want you to know I am doing everything I can to keep supplying you with great plants.

Below are the extra measures I have put in place so The Ginger Jungle remains a safe environment.

The Ginger Jungle extra cleaning precautions

  • I will and I'm washing my hands regularly using Alcohol Hand Sanitiser and soap

  • I will be wearing new surgical gloves when cleaning and handling your plants. These will be changed regularly.

  • As always your plants will be cleaned as an extra precaution I will wipe each pot with Hibiscrub, this is a hospital-strength antimicrobial skin cleanser this is a proven antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfectant that is effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses.

  • When packing I will put a fresh pair of surgical gloves on and continue to keep very high hygiene habits

  • All surfaces will be cleaned with antibacterial spray and bleach.

Collecting stock

  • I personally collect my stock from a large ventilated warehouse, I very rarely come in contact with people anyway as normally collect very early (4 am) I will ensure I will take extra effort to keep the recommended distance.

  • I will be wearing surgical gloves and mask when collecting

  • I will pre-pay to avoid unnecessary contact

  • I will change my surgical gloves when loading up and use alcohol hand sanitiser as an extra precaution.

  • Once home your plants will be check and cleaned (they actually get clean twice before they arrive at my customers)


In the very unlikely event, you need to return your plant I can arrange Parcelforce to collect from you at home all you will need to do is print off the label which will be emailed to you and leave the parcel on your doorstep. This completely avoids contact keeping you safe at home.

I hope these precautions provide you with peace of mind you and your family’s health are of the most importance, so feel to message me any time via my chat-box on my website if you have any further questions for me.


It goes without saying that the next few months will be very difficult for everyone and small business like me will be facing one of the challenges time our lives. So please continue to support, share and love however you can. Remember you are not alone the plant community is one of the best, full of great loving people and we all need to do our best to stay connected. Keep safe and stay supportive with one another.

Love Luv Suzanne aka The Ginger Jungle

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